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Original 1970's TV Series

Credits of the original TV series -- voices, producers, puppeteers etc.

Frederick W. Harrison: "Bernard Cribbins supplied ALL the voices for the Wombles in the TV series as far as I am aware. Once they added new characters (Shansi) he may have had to recruit a partner, but he voiced all the characters in the original series that I have seen.

"Cribbins was also a recording artist, best known for a series of novelty recordings on Parlophone in 1962 ("Hole In The Ground" and "Right Said Fred", both likely produced by George Martin). He later recorded a version of "When I'm Sixty-Four" which I have on a German compilation of Lennon-McCartney songs written for or recorded by other artists. His recording of Right Said Fred inspired the band name of the group that scored a novelty hit with "Too Sexy" a few years ago. He has also narrated several other children's recordings. I think he's originally from Liverpool, home of another famous recording group.

"In the acting field, Cribbins had a TV series that used to run on PBS (courtesy Thames Television) several years back. He's a Brit comedian who never achieved any recognition "across the pond", as they say, unlike Marty Feldman who I believe was one of his contemporaries. He does have a memorable part in one of the Fawlty Towers episodes as a demanding guest who is mistaken for a hotel inspector by Basil Fawlty. The role was quite out of character compared to his usual roles."
'Glastonbury': "Bernard Cribbins was also in 'Carry On Columbus'. He starred as Christopher Columbus's artist brother. (I thought he would have been older from looking at him, to tell you the truth.)"

[I did a quick search for Cribbins at The Internet Movie Database.
He seems to have done quite a few films, more than 40 including several of the 'Carry On... films. A correction to Glastonbury's comment about which character he played in Carry on Columbus: He did not play the role of Columbus's brother but 'Mordecai Mendoza'. He was born, 29 December 1928, in England. IMDB also shows he was the narrator of "Wombles, The" (1972) [TV-Series]]

Episode Titles

Thanks again to Frederick Harrison for coming up with a list of episode titles.
These titles were originally supplied by International Tele-film Enterprises in Toronto, who had the films in the early 1980s.

(Frederick's personal comments are indicated by 'FH:'.)
    Series 1 (30 films) (Fridge door opens to begin show)
  1. Orinoco & The Big Black Umbrella
  2. The Rocking Chair
    FH: "Orinoco gets stuck in a tire, which supplies the needed rocker for Great Uncle Bulgaria's broken chair"
  3. A Sticky Ending (or A Sticky End)
    FH: "the Wombles need to repair the burrow - but what to use to do so? Toffee wrappers are the answer - and a cause of further problems."
  4. Great Uncle Bulgaria's Keep Fit Lesson
  5. A Safe Place
    FH: "an old refrigerator is turned into a safe"
    RM: "A safe place must be found for a valuable Womble's history book."
  6. Peep-Peep-Peep
    FH: "Wellington "invents" the string telephone. Includes my favourite gem of Womble wisdom (from Bungo) "Find a worm. Pick it up. All day long you'll have a worm." This being a parody of the old superstition "Find A Penny/Pin. Pick It up. All the day you'll have luck!""
  7. The Purple Paw Mystery
    FH: "Tomsk, in extracting ink from old felt tips forgets to wash his feet, leaving a trail of mysterious purple footprints all over the burrow!"
  8. Bungo's Birthday Party
    FH: "Have the other Womble's forgotten Bungo's birthday?"
    RM: "Bungo thinks everyone's forgotten his birthday but a secret surprise is in store."
  9. The Invisible Womble
    FH: "Orinoco finds an old tennis net, which serves as camouflage, until he gets hungry when it proves more than he bargained for"
         More Detailed Synopsis again from FH:
    "Orinoco, entangled in a old tennis net, has rendered himself "invisible" due to camouflage - the other young wombles don't notice him and cannot hear his muffled voice. So, being Orinoco, he takes advantage of this newfound "invisibility" by getting his "forty winks", unseen by the other working wombles. Great Uncle Bulgaria arrives topside to announce supper (with bramble pudding for "afters" (that's dessert to the non-British) and Orinoco suddenly finds himself unable to extricate himself from his disguise, prompting a series of desperate calls for assistance, all of them unheard. ("What's the point of being invisible if you can't get near your dinner!") However there is one womble who can see through his disguise - Great Uncle Bulgaria - who casually meanders by the struggling Orinoco goading him with desciptions of dinner, including the folowing key lines.
    "Bramble pudding!"
    "Delicious. Delicious. Except for the pips - they get stuck in your teeth!"
    Orinoco eventually extricates himself from the net and proceeds to dinner, having learned his lesson and vowing never to become invisible again.
    The short story has Uncle Bulgaria remind Orinoco of an old womble proverb: "A womble who wastes his time away/ gets no food at the end of the day." Thus Orinoco has to scamper to fill his empty tidy-bag (not that difficult as he does have the netting already in paw) before being allowed to go to dinner."
  10. Orinoco Sees The Light
    FH: "Wellington finds a light bulb, which Orinoco jestingly suggest he plant to see what comes up..."
  11. The Conkering Hero
    FH: "Wellington, in desperate need of a means of handling numbers greater than the sum of his claws, invents a abacus from conkers (chestnuts) and string"
    RM: "How to play conkers and learn to count."
  12. One Pair Of Feet
    RM: "Wellington is rescued by Bungo disguised as a cardboard box."
  13. Tobermory On Television
    FH: "The Wombles find an old TV and Tobermory is inspired to put on a show (Includes the classic joke "My dog has no nose!" "How does it smell?" "Horrible!"- also used by Monty Python and Keith Moon/Ringo Starr)"
  14. Crossed Lines
    FH: "Tomsk attempts to aid Tobermory in repairing the burrow talking tube 'phone system and the plumbing system - with unexpected results"
  15. Blow The Womble Down
  16. Madame Cholet Returns
    FH: "Madame Cholet is away and Tobermory prepares a surprise for her return, unaware that Bungo wants to plan his own surprise."
  17. Weighing In Time
    FH: "Tobermory converts an old grandfather clock to a weight scale which causes Orinoco to become greatly concerned about his weight."
  18. Musical Wombles
    FH: "The Wombles discover how to make their own instruments and attempt to play together . (Their initial results sound like some free jazz records I have!)"
  19. Wombles And Ladders
    FH: "Tobermory invents a ladder which prompts a flurry of repairs - but someone gets left hanging."
  20. Orinoco And The Ghost
    FH: "Orinoco is forced out onto the Common late at night to retrieve his forgotten tidy-bag, where he encounters...a ghost?"
  21. A Game Of Golf
  22. North, South, East, West
    FH: "I think this is where they invent a Womble weather vane to locate where the rubbish has blown"
  23. The Picnic
  24. Games In The Snow
  25. The Snow Wombles
  26. What's Cooking?
  27. Spring Cleaning Time
  28. Marrow Pie
  29. The Cement Mixer
    FH: "Tobermory patches up the burrow with cement and just when he thinks the floor is finished..."
  30. The Circus Comes To Wimbledon
    Series 2 (30 films) (Intermittent picture on TV opens the show)

    Directed by: Chris Wright

  1. Bungo Up A Tree
  2. Time And Slow Motion
  3. Tomsk In Trouble
  4. The Largest Womble In The World
  5. Running Out Of Steam
  6. Orinoco's Midnight Feast
    FH: "The Wombles plan a midnight picnic, and Orinoco is left in charge of hiding the food..."
    RM: "Orinoco is too hungry to wait until midnight."
  7. Speak Up
    RM: "Tomsk joins up the water pipe with the telephone. (really? What is 'Crossed Lines' then?)"
  8. The Vanishing Pancake
    RM: "Orinoco is the best judge of pancakes in the whole world."
  9. Madame Cholet & the Blackberries
    RM: "Blackberry time and no volunteer pickers!"
  10. The Fruit Machine
    RM: "the one-armed Bandit that does not produce real fruit. (my favorite!)"
  11. Portrait Of Great Uncle Bulgaria
    RM: "The painting that comes alive."
  12. Very Behind The Times
    FH: "Great Uncle Bulgaria becomes impatient waiting for his copy of the Times, unaware that Wellington has been trying to get it to him, but can't quite do so."
    RM: "An enormous road to be built causes panic."
  13. Burrow Hot Line
    FH: "Wellington invents a phone switching device?"
    RM: "Papers and wet laundry get muddled on the washing line (my favorite - 'So, you received my laundry?')"
  14. Trunk Call
    RM: "A hidden Womble is mistaken for a talking tree."
  15. MacWomble The Terrible
  16. A Single Piper
    FH: "Wellington finds a much appreciated use for gooseberries (?) and brings silence to the burrow once again."
  17. Porridge For Breakfast
  18. Highland Games
  19. Home Sickness
    FH: "the MacWomble's Pipe Band?"
  20. Goodbye MacWomble
  21. Hiccups
    RM: "Tomsk and Bungo get hiccups."
  22. Film Show
  23. Pirate Gold
  24. Warm & Cosy
  25. Autumn Leaves
  26. The Wombles Times
    FH: "Great Uncle Bulgaria laments the lack of supply of the Times, prompting the younger Wombles into action..."
  27. Operation W.R.A.P.
  28. The Secret Snorer
  29. Womble Fool's Day
    FH: "the younger Wombles get carried away celebrating Womble Fool's Day, prompting a response from their elders"
  30. Womble Summer Party
FH: "I haven't seen all of these - and I suspect I've seen a few more that aren't listed."

New 1990's TV Series

For the most up to date news on the new episodes please be sure to check the
Womble News page.
FH: "U.K. Animation Library Bought By Cinar Films" was the headline of an article in the Nov. 1 [1996] business section of the Toronto Star. The article states that Filmfair has been sold to a Montreal based film production house/distributor named Cinar Films. Filmfair produced many children's animated films including Paddington Bear and most notably the Wombles."

Apparently this purchase includes ownership of the existing films and merchandising for the same, plus the right to make new episodes (assuming that the creator(s) agree).

The New Wombles series aired, in the UK, on ITV Wednesdays at 4:05 pm March 4 through May 27, 1998. There were 13 episodes. Produced by Cinar Productions in association with Filmfair Animations.
The New Wombles series is begining again in Britain on ITV at 3:50pm on Tuesdays. Starts January 5th, 1999.
In Germany 'Kinderkanal' began airing the new series every weekday between 9:30 and 9:40 am from September 30, 1998.
According to Robert Madsen:
"It is great! The only thing which disturbs me is that the german version changes the names of most of the characters. I have no idea why they did it. So here is a list of their original and german names (in no particular order):
Original Version     German Version
Orinoco              Orinoco
Wellington           Wellington
Gr.Uncle Bulgaria    Grossonkel Bulgaria (just translated)
Tomsk                Tomski (notice the "i")
Shansi               Shansi
Tobermory            Glasgow
Bungo                Togo
Stepney              Kingston
Alderney             Jersey
Madame Cholet        Madame Nancy (pronounced french)
"Maybe they did it for the german kids so that they can memorize the names a little easier (who knows?). Funny that they used names of places for the characters. However I'm angry about the changes or how should I sing now the song "Tobermory"? ("Who is the Womble with hammer and nails? Glasgow?")

"However, I'm excited that I now can see these little guys on TV. And again they captured my heart. What a pity that this enjoyment lasts only 2 1/2 weeks but maybe some day they will discover the old series in their archives and air them again?"
Just a bit of Trivia. On October 30, 1998, on CITV's 'Top Ten of Everything' The Wombles was voted the #5 favorite TV kid show.
The BBC remembered the Wombles anniversary and posted some info about the new series. There are three new wombles and their names are Alderney (who lives in a tree), Shansi (an asian Womble), and Steppney (an East End or Cockney Womble.)
The Electronic Telegraph has a few articles regarding the Wombles. Including the following: Cosmopolitan cast for 1998 Wombles
ITV had a small page dedicated to the new Wombles.

Credits of the new TV series

Directed by:
John Ellis
Based on the Womble Stories created and written by:
Elisabeth Beresford
Written by:
Peter Hynes
Executive Producers:
Micheline Charset
Ronald A. Weinberg
Dan Maddicott
David Ferguson
Cassandra Schafhausen
Coordinating Producer:
Kath Yelland
Associate Producer:
Kristine van Dusen
Art Director:
Steven Riley
Script Editor:
Jennifer Lupinacci
With the Voices of:
Sonja Ball
Julie Burroughs
Gregory Calpakis
Luis de Cespedes
Michael Hancock
Nancy Helms
Rick Jones
Victor Knight
Micheal Lamport
Simon Peacock
Terrence Scammell
Production Service Provided by:
Filmfair Animation
Chris Mendham
Dan Sharp
Jason Stalmart
Grant Maisy
Toby Hawkes
Margaret Haden
Victoria Miller
Sophie Brown
Jeannie de Naeyer
Andy Farago
Scenic Artist:
Barry Jones
Director of Photography:
Mark Bond
Production Manager:
Portia Wilson
Production Accountant:
Kemi Oluseye
Production Assistant:
Edwina Rigby
Studio Assistant:
Andy Farago
Film Editor:
Andi Sloss
Assistant Editor:
Alison Fryer
Music and Lyrics:
Mike Batt
Administered by:
EMI Publishing
Post Production by:
Cinar Studios Inc.
Post Production Supervisor:
Francois desChamps
Post Production Coordinator:
Julie Pelletier
Sound Supervisor:
Lise Wedlock
Video Supervisor:
Joey Vekteris
Visual Effects Supervisor:
Yves Beland
A Cinar/United Productions, Co-Production, in association with, ITV, and with the participation of, Gouverment du Quebec, (Programme de credits d'import), Canada, The Canadian Film or Video, Production Tax Credit
    1998 Synopses (13 episodes)
  1. The Ghost of Wimbledon Common
    First Aired March 4, 1998
    Roy Venkatesh: "It includes the usual characters - Tomsk, Tobermory, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Orinocco, Bungo, Wellington, Madame Cholet ... and introduces the new tree-dwelling womble, Alderney.
    "The storyline is about a sheet which fell out of Alderney's tree house in the wind. The wind makes the sheet blow around and the "ghostly" figure the sheet forms scares Bungo and Tomsk.
    "Having discovered the ghost is just a sheet, the two young wombles hatch a plan to scare the other wombles at night. They try [it] on Orinocco, but "nothing wakes Orinocco up like the smell of food" ... so they go off in search of Madam Cholet's clover buns.
    "The young Wombles are rumbled. Meanwhile, the storm is worsening outside, and without her sheet (and unfinished tree house), Alderney knocks on the door in search of shelter for the night.
    "They all go back to sleep ... when all of a sudden Wellington's "Ghost detector goes off ...."

  2. Orinoco The Magnificent
    Written by:- Alistair Swinnerton
    First Aired March 11, 1998
    RV: "This episode features a new womble, Stepney, from the Thames burrow. Stepney is darker than the other wombles and has dreadlocks - maybe a Rastafarian ?
    "It starts with Orinoco, who with an empty "Tidy bag" finds an abandoned Magic set. He wishes that he could magic the rubbish on the common into the Tidy bag. He says "abracadabra" and magically (with a little help, unbeknownst to him, from Stepney), his Tidy bag is full.
    "Similarly, Tomsk and Bungo's Tidy bags are filled, as if by magic. Orinoco, thinks that it is his magic that has filled them all.
    "Meanwhile, Alderney and Wellington are patrolling the common in the "Womcopter" and see this hustle and bustle on the common cleaning up litter - and wonder what is going on.
    "Great Uncle Bulgaria, announces the imminent arrival of Stepney ... who duly arrives. Great Uncle Bulgaria, understood that the Thames burrow was sending Stepney to learn from their methods. However, Stepney says that he had come to show the Wimbledon wombles how they clear rubbish in the Thames burrow.
    "So they have a contest to see who can collect the most rubbish.
    "The winner of the first round was ... Stepney.
    "Alderney and Wellington get to work on an invention in an attempt to beat Stepney's barrow. They come up with a "Scoop-board" ... a sort of motorised skateboard.
    "The next day, they have the contest again. Stepney goes off feeling confident he will win. He collects some rubbish and then pauses to sleep.
    "Meanwhile, Alderney, rides her Scoopboard and collects all the rubbish on the common and wins the second round.
    "(Sounds a bit like the Hare and the Tortoise?)
    "Alderney and Stepney "make friends"."

  3. Tomsk to the rescue
    First Aired March 18, 1998
    RV: "This episode starts with Wellington and Alderney tryng to set up a tree weather-station. They manage to erect the wind gauge but Tomsk swings in, Tarzan style and crashes into the rain gauge.
    "The wind picks up and Tomsk, still pretending to be the bravest womble in the land gets "attacked" by a mop - blown up by the wind.
    "Next we are introduced to another new womble, the Chinese female womble named Shansi. She starts off with Madame Cholet in the kitchen, but is sent out to collect some wild strawberries. She is holding an umbrella and is caught up is a gust of wind and is carried over to Wellington & Alderney's tree weather-station.
    "Tomsk hears her calls for help, and starts to climb up the rope to the tree weather station. However, a gust of wind carries Tomsk up to the same branch of the tree as Shansi.
    "They get off the tree using the umbrella ... Shansi lands on top of Tomsk. Also under the tree are Alderney and Stepney. Alderney catches the strawberries. All the young Wombles then head home before the storm worsens ... and they all have a feast ... including the wild strawberries."

  4. Madame Cholet's day off
    First Aired March 25, 1998
    RV: "Alderney and Shansi are out on the common building something when the ground shakes violently ... was it an earthquake ? ... no, it was probably joggers out exercising.
    "Meanwhile, in the burrow, the Womfax is playing up and is spewing out loads of blank paper.
    "In Madam Cholet's kitchen, the vibrations caused by the joggers ruins Madame Cholet's cooking and the kitchen is wrecked.
    "Madame Cholet is upset and quits - she won't come back until the kitchen is fixed.
    "Orinoco, as usual, wonders about what's going to happen about lunch if Madame Cholet is not cooking. Alderney volunteers to make something vegetarian in her tree-house kitchen.
    "The Wombles get to work fixing up Madame Cholet's kitchen. Wellington invents a "painting machine".
    "Orinoco goes to Alderney's Kitchen to see if he can "help".
    "Meanwhile, Wellington has finished his painting machine and attaches it to Tomsk (unknown to him). Tomsk ends up painting a piece of wood while he is cutting another piece of wood !
    "Lunch is ready (part 1)
    "Tomsk, Wellington and Tobermorey taste the vegetarian offerings (and are unimpressed) and politely slip back to the kitchen to finish off their work.
    "Meanwhile Shansi and Alderney, make some wallpaper using the wasted blank Womfax paper.
    "The kitchen is fixed, and Shansi makes a souffle.
    "Madame Cholet returns and really likes her new kitchen. The Wombles settle down to have lunch (again). This time enjoying the souffle.
    "Wellington looks at the Womfax to see what's wrong with it and finds a broken rubber band."

  5. Shansi's Surprise
    First Aired April 1, 1998
    RV: "All the wombles apart from Shansi appear in the opening scene, and they are busy preparing a surpise for her.
    "Shansi is in the garden tending her plant(s). Meanwhile, Tomsk and Bungo are building a stage ... Shansi goes to investigate and gets sent away by Bungo.
    "Alderney is making some buns in the kitchen, and makes them using a bag of "heavy" flour. When they are ready for baking, she puts them in the oven.
    "Tobermory and Stepney are trying to get a Gramophone player to work ... it doesn't seem to work with the "record" they found with it (looks actually like a CD).
    "Stepney goes out to the common and starts collecting up the rubbish and finds some old gramophone records !!
    "Orinoco is trying to have a snooze on the hammock when Shansi comes and asks whether he wants to play "Wombles and Ladders". Orinoco says, "Not now" and Shansi goes away.
    "Meanwhile, Wellington is wiring up some lights when Shansi appears and asks him what he is doing. He sends her away saying that it was best if he did it alone and it was very dangerous.
    "Shansi gets the impression that none of the Wimbledon wombles wants to play with her - "maybe the Wimbledon wombles don't like me very much". She gets her stuff and leaves the common ... to find a new burrow.
    "Tobermory tries to make some cement to prop up the stage ... and finds that it doesn't mix well. Madame Cholet discovers that he has her bag of flour ... at which point Alderney realises that the buns she has made are made using cement. Nevermind, the "buns" come in handy to support the stage.
    "All is now ready for Shansi's surprise welcome party ... but where is the guest of honour ? Stepney goes to find her.
    "Stepney finds Shansi and brings her back to the stage area. All the other wombles appear and officially welcome her to the Wimbledon burrow.
    "The wombles party !!"

  6. Beautiful Boating Weather
    First Aired April 8, 1998
    RV: "The scene opens with Tobermory and Great Uncle Bulgaria getting out of the car. They have just done an inspection of the common and found that it was so tidy - The Wombles had done a good job. The young Wombles were offered a day off.
    "Alderney suggests that they take her boat out and have a picnic on the lake.
    "... The young Wombles go boating.
    "They had a good picnic and there is just one of Madame Cholet's Gooseberry tarts left - which Orinoco and Bungo fight over. The tart falls in the water and so do the oars to the boat. The Wombles have no means of rowing the boat home.
    "Stepney, didn't go on the boat trip beacuse he didn't like boats or water, so he spends time wandering around the common picking up some rubbish. He manages to collect some wood, rope and an inflated swimming float (in the shape of a duck).
    "Meanwhile, the young Wombles are getting further into trouble. Tomsk manages to get snared on a branch of an overhanging tree. The Wombles retrieve one of the oars and Wellington makes a catapult with it. They try to fling Shansi to the shore so that she can go for help, but she ends up the tree as well as Tomsk.
    "Shansi manages to unsnare Tomsk and he falls into the boat. Shansi then jumps back into the boat. All the young Wombles are back in the boat, but all they can do with one oar is to go round in circles.
    "Stepney happens to be in the vicinity of the lake shore and they cry for help. At first, he thinks that it is just the sound of Wombles having fun, but then realises that they are calling for help.
    "Stepney, goes to the rescue ... he puts on the swimming float, ties the rope to somewhere secure and makes a wooden raft which he pushes out to the boat. Stepney is on the raft and reaches the boat. He abandons the raft and climbs into the boat. They pull the boat back to the shore with the rope.
    "Stepney is hailed as a hero and Tomsk gives him his Swimming Trophy.
    "Orinoco feels hungry and they all go in for some food."

  7. TITLE
    First Aired April 15, 1998

  8. TITLE
    First Aired April 22, 1998

  9. TITLE
    First Aired April 29, 1998

  10. TITLE
    First Aired May 6, 1998

  11. TITLE
    First Aired May 13, 1998

  12. TITLE
    First Aired May 20, 1998

  13. TITLE
    First Aired May 27, 1998

    Camping and Cloudberries
    Not sure of the original Airdate but somewhere between April 15 and May 27, 1998
    Printed blurb on back of video box: "The Young Wombles embark on a camping Expedition to pick the fruit of the rare cloudberry bushes on the Common when suddenly a huge silhouete looms above them."

    MacWomble is Coming
    Not sure of the original Airdate but somewhere between April 15 and May 27, 1998
    Printed blurb on back of video box: "Tired of listening to MacWomble interspersing his monologues with loud blasts from the bagpipes, the Wombles encourage MacWomble to wear Welingto'snoise pollution diffuser whilst playing the bagpipes."

    1999 Synopses
  1. Car Trouble
    First Aired January 5, 1999
      Great Uncle Bulgaria comes upon the burrow buggy and decides to move it. Tobermory and Wellington however have been working on it and just removed the breaks.
      Madame Cholet and Alderney are busy preparing a picnic. GUB is trying to stop the buggy, gives the steering wheel a tug and it comes off in his hand. He drives right through the picnic set up.
      Bungo and Tomsk are raking up leaves. GUB drives through the leaves just as they finish.
    Wellington and Tobermory get the WomCopter and a ladder and find GUB. They work out that he's heading for the lake.
      Madame Cholet is mixing something up using self raising flour.
      Wellington begins to repair the breaks while hanging from a ladder attatched to the WomCopter. The power begins to run out on the WomCopter and Tobermory has to land it before Wellington can finish fixing the breaks.
      Orinoco and Shansi are planting seeds when GUB drives through the garden.
      Madame Cholet puts her mixture in a bucket and she and Alderney drive a scooter and sidecar to catch up with GUB. Madame Cholet pours her Cholet Cake Surprise into the engine of the buggy. The mixture cooks and rises stopping the buggy just before the lake.
      Everyone has a nice picnic of the cake by the lake.

  2. Deep SpaceWombles
    First Aired January 12, 1999
      Tomsk is standing by as Bungo prepares his golf swing. Shansi and Stepney pass by on their way to making a scarecrow for Stepney's garden.
      Bungo and Tomsk hear a commotion and go to check it out. Wellington is creating a spaceship and leaves to get a missing part.
      Tomsk and Bungo climb inside the spaceship and begin pressing buttons. They initiate the launch proceedure.
      Shansi and Stepney are almost finished with the scarecrow. Stepney goes off to get something for the final touch.
      Bungo and Tomsk land in a strange place and think they've landed on the moon with aliens. They step out to explore and bump into Stepney. Stepney tells them they're in the dump north of the Commons. He's come to get a jack-in-the-box which they thought was an alien. It will make a perfect touch to Shansi's scarecrow.


Videos from the original Wombles

If you are interested in aquiring any of these check the Womble Lover's - Womble Collectables page. Shops, and web sales that I learn of are/will be listed there.
World of the Wombles
Cat. No. MWV60831-V
Is this the same as 'Wombles: Wonderful World'?
The Wombles: Wonderful World
(1987) (This one apparently is identical with 'Bungo's Birthday Party' or somehow I've been given mixed data.
Cat. No. CVS 4006 - Castle Vision
Released 1990
  1. Bungos Birthday Party
  2. A Safe Place
  3. The Rocking Chair
  4. The Conkering Hero
  5. The Vanishing Pancake
  6. Madame Cholet and the Blackberries
  7. The Fruit Machine
  8. Trunk Call
  9. Hiccups
The Wombles: Bungo's Birthday Party
Duration:42 mins
Cat. No. CVS4006 () [Big Fun]
Deleted: This item is deleted in the UK.
  1. Bungo's Birthday Party
  2. A Safe Place
  3. The Rocking Chair
  4. The Conkering Hero
  5. The Vanishing Pancake
  6. Madame Cholet and the Blackberries
  7. The Fruit Machine
  8. Trunk Call
  9. Hiccups
The Wombles are the most famous residents of London's Wimbledon Common. Like the other Wombles around the world, they have given themselves the job of tidying up after Human Beings and recycling all the rubbish that they find, such as tins, bottles and old bicycle parts to make useful things to use in the Burrow.
Meet the Wombles
Duration:?? mins
Cat. No. 74321227613 (BMG VIDEO)
Released: 10th Oct 1994
Deleted: This item has been deleted in the UK since 2nd Jun 1997
The environmentally friendly Wombles in 'Meet The Wombles'.
The Wombles
Duration:65 mins
Original 1990? Cat. No. MWV60838-V
1995 Cat. No. 0867303 (4 FRONT VIDEO) [Pocket Money Video / Castle / FilmFair]
Released: 24th Apr 1995
Deleted: This item has been deleted in the UK since 17th Mar 1997
Thirteen great tales from The Wombles. Included are: 'Weighing In Time', 'Musical Wombles', 'The Picnic' and 'Marrow Pie'.
The Wombles: A Stickey End
(1993) Contains 10 five minute episodes.
The Wombles: Orinoco & the Ghost
(1993) Contains 10 five minute episodes.
The Wombles: Orinoco and the Big Black Umbrella
Playbox Video - PVC 142
A Castle Communications PLC Release
Duration:43 mins
Cat. No. CVS4005 () [Big Fun]
Deleted: This item is deleted in the UK.
  1. Orinoco and the Big Black Umbrella - On a blustery day Orinoco is swept up by the wind!
  2. Great Uncle Bulgaria's Keep Fit Lesson - GUB practices kicking a football but not too successfully
  3. Peep-Peep-Peep - Wellington creates a telephone from tins and strings
  4. The Purple Paw Mystery - Making purple ink can make a lot of mess!
  5. Bungo up a Tree - Going up a tree is easier than coming down
  6. Time and Slow motion - Tobermory "organises" so more work can be done in less time
  7. Tomsk in Trouble - Tomsk gets in a tangle learning to make his bed
  8. The largest Womble in the World - Orinoco finds a huge coat and tries it on for size (my favorite!)
  9. Running out of Steam - The Wombles recreate the days of the steam train
The Wombles: The Invisible Womble
Playbox - Castlevision - PVC 143 - Released 1990
Duration:42 mins
Cat. No. CVS4004 () [Big Fun]
Deleted: This item is deleted in the UK.
The Wombles are the most famous residents of London's Wimbledon Common. Like the other Wombles around the world, they have given themselves the job of tidying up after human beings and recycling all the rubbish that they find such as tins, bottles and old bicycle parts to make useful things to use in the burrow.
  1. The Invisible Womble - Orinoco decides if he is invisible no one will know he's sleeping instead of working.
  2. A Sticky End
  3. Orinoco Sees the Light
  4. One Pair of Feet
  5. Orinoco's Midnight Feast
  6. Speak Up
  7. Portrait of Great Uncle Bulgaria
  8. Very Behind the Times
  9. The Burrow Hot Line
The Wombles: Madame Cholet Returns
Duration:45 mins
Cat. No. EUKV2036 () [Starvision / Castle]
Deleted: This item has been deleted in the UK since 23rd Jan 1996
The famous TV children's series telling of a family of Wombles who live under Wimbledon Common. They rely on human beings' cast-offs, sweet wrappers, tins and bottles etc. for their necessities of life. Nine short stories including 'Film Show', 'Tobermory On Television' and 'Madame Cholet Returns'.
The Wombles: Wombles Gourmet / Wombles Workout
Duration:52 mins
Cat. No. 74321227593 (BMG VIDEO)
Released: 10th Oct 1994
Deleted: This item is deleted in the UK.
The Womble characters in two episodes including 'Wombles Gourmet' and 'Wombles Workout'.

Wombles Movies on Video

Wombling Free - The Movie
Duration:98 mins
Original 1977? Cat. No. COL60260-V
Released: 11th May 1998
Directed by: Lionel Jeffries
Starring: David Tomlinson / Bonnie Langford / Frances De La Tour / The Wombles
Colourful song and dance fun-packed Womble spectacular that will charm and enchant children of any age. Includes all the famous Mike Batt songs: 'The Wombling Song', 'Exercise is good for you', 'Madame Cholet' and 'Wombling White Tie And Tails'.

The new series is now out on video

People have reported seeing them at Toys-R-Us (in the UK) and I myself have seen a couple at W.H. Smith in Brighton for 9.99 each.
The Wombles: Orinoco the Magnificent and Other Stories
Duration:40 mins
Cat. No. VA30735 (FIRST INDEPENDENT VIDEO) * (Blue jacket)
Released: 20th Apr 1998
  1. Orinoco the Magnificent
  2. The Ghost of Wimbledon Common
  3. Tomsk to the Rescue
  4. Beautiful Boating Weather
More brand new adventures: 'Orinoco The Magnificent', 'The Ghost Of Wimbledon Common', 'Tomsk To The Rescue' and 'Beautiful Boating Weather'.
The Wombles: Camping and Cloudberries and Other Stories
Duration:40 mins
Cat. No. VA30738 (FIRST INDEPENDENT VIDEO) * (Pink jacket)
Released: 20th Apr 1998
Four brand new Womble adventures celebrating twenty-five years since their first TV appearance.
  1. Camping and Cloudberries
  2. Madame Cholet's day off
  3. MacWomble is Coming
  4. Shansi's Surprise
*These tapes are VHS Pal Colour and each about 40 mins long.
Based on the Wombles stories created and written by Elisabeth Beresford. The Wombles is a trademark of Elisabeth Beresford/ Filmfair Ltd.
A CINAR-UFTP co-production in association with ITV & Filmfair Ltd.
Copyright 1997 Wombles Productions Inc. a subsidiary of CINAR Films Inc/ HTV Ltd.
Executive Producers: Micheline Charest,Ronald Weinberg, Dan Maddicott
Producers: Cassandra Schafhausen, David Ferguson
Director: John Ellis
Music & Lyrics by Mike Batt, Administered by EMI Publishing
Packaging Copyright 1998 First Independant Films Ltd. All Right Reserved
The Wombles: Deep Space Wombles And Other Stories
Duration:60 mins
Released: 14th Feb 2000
In the wonderful world of the Wombles, every day is full of surprises. Their knack for 'making good use of bad rubbish' and their ingenious inventions lead them into all sorts of hilarious adventures.
This video contains six wonderful stories from the ITV series based on the Wombles stories written and created by Elizabeth Beresford, plus some special sketches from your favourite Wombles never seen on video before!
  1. Deep Space Wombles
  2. Car Trouble
  3. MacWomble The Charming
  4. Rainy Daze
  5. Trouble At The Thames
  6. Great Womble Explorer

Other videos

Play 'n' Pick (Animated)
Duration:60 mins
Cat. No. 6352583 () [Pocket Money Video]
Released: 4th May 1995
Deleted: This item has been deleted in the UK since 9th Apr 1996
A compilation of children's animated characters including: The Little Mermaid, Paddington Bear, The Wombles, White Fang, Aladdin, The Care Bears, Pinocchio and Robin Hood.
Including: Little Mermaid / Paddington Bear / The Wombles / Aladdin / Cinderella /White Fang

If you're in the UK maybe you can rent some of the Wombles videos.

The University of Edinburgh Science Fiction and Fantasy Society seems to have some in their Collection
"The video library is available for hire at 50p (1.00 if EUSA has its way) from the Librarian, how the Video library will be run depend on interest and whether or not the society is willing to pay for a taxi for me to bring them all the way from home (Viewforth) to the Pleasnace or not."

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