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Womble News

(October 2002) Johanna Cormier: I'm sure you have noticed, I have not been updating these pages in a long time. I do still appreciate being sent your memories and tidbits of Womble information. I appologize that I have not ben answering all of my emails. I do read them but time to reply to all of them is scarce. Thank you.

Email Updates

Rob Norris (January 2001)
Asking about Wombles Christmas Show 1974
"I'm trying to find out some details of the Wombles Christmas Show, live on
stage at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, in 1974, produced by Bill
Kenwright (now one of the most successful British theatre producers)...I
went to see the show as a kid, and now I'm trying to find a programme for
it, with details of the cast and the songs used...I found a souvenir
brochure for it a few months ago via the internet, which is great, but
doesn't give any of those details! I even heard that they may not have
printed a cast list, because of some legal problem based on the fact that
they were advertising it as the Wombles, but it wasn't actually Mike Batt
and co that appeared in this children's show...
Can you or anyone else help me?!
Many thanks"
Rob Norris

[Even if you do not have a program to offer to Rob, if you have more information it will be appreciated.]

Andrea Price (August 2002)
"I read in a book about English comedian Jasper Carrot dressing up as 
a Womble and running around at a Wimbledon tennis match to promote his 
new single 'Funky Moped', sometime in the seventies.  I don't know if 
this is true or just one of his stories, and have lost the book (sorry), 
but the book was called 'A Little Zit On The Side'"
Paul Smith (January 2009)
"I am letting Womble lovers know that we are running 
a series of events called the Big Womble in February.
See for more details
Paul Smith
Chief Executive
Furniture Re-use Network
Support the Big Womble 20th February 2009
Reg Charity No 1090824   Company No  4154818
Direct Line:  0117 9543 564
Mobile:         0787 0506 766
48 West St, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0BL"

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