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This page will be used to display some of my project ideas, and some of the projects I've done.


Most of these are designed for cross stitch.

Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny This could be stitched on almost anything.


Doves I originally created this dove for bookmarks that were going to be wedding favors at JL and Rob's Wedding. They were designed to be stitched with white thread on a colored background.

Texture Book

My grandmother is in her 90s. I was able to visit her Summer of '98 when Dan and I made a 3 week trip around the USA visiting friends and family before leaving for Europe. She doesn't remember much and doesn't see very well now. I wanted to send her something to stimulate her. I finally thought of making a book of textures, a cloth book that she could stroke and feel, a talisman perhaps. Before putting all our things in storage in Pittsburgh I selected a few different pieces of fabric from my sewing trunk and took them with us to England.

While getting settled in England I sorted the fabrics and trimmed them to similar sizes. I appliqued a piece of punch embroidery which I had made a few years earlier to the felt.

I ran gather stitches in rows at regular intervalls on the flannel using the gingham check as a guide. I left these loose so the pleats/folds are free to slide back and forth. This gives a potential for change and fiddling with.

I used my printer to print a picture of my grandmother as a girl onto transfer paper which I then ironed onto the piece of linen.

I hemed the fabrics which needed it and sewed all of them together by hand. For hemming I used a Straight sewing stitch on the flannel, swiss dot, and cotton print. I used a Blanket stitch on the linen and a Hem stitch on the jute burlap. The felt, polar fleece, and oil cloth did not need hemming.

I bound the book with a piece of plain weave yellow gingham, which I signed and dated using a permanent pen. To add a more personal message, I used a black cord tacked down to the inside of the felt cover with Couching stitch. I intentionaly used a contrasting thread, (white) to give a look of twisted thread. This stitch, in particular combined with cord, gives a wonderfully raised texture.

Showing Off

Angel Click to see a much larger image (~359K)

This is 'The Windermere Angel, 1990' by MarBek designer, Becky Waldrop. I stitched this from a kit in 1996. When I was finished I bought some pink moire fabric, peiced it together to match the mat shown in the original illustration, and turned it into a pillow.


I'm currently working on a kit designed by Teresa Wentzler, Peacock Tapestry. I only work on it occasionaly however, and so even though I recieved the kit Christmas of '95 or '96 I'm still not even finished with the border.

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