Johanna's Needle Stitches

Outline or Straight Stitches

Running Stitch

Double Running Stitch aka Holbein Stitch, Line Stitch, Two-sided Line Stitch, Two-sided Stroke Stitch, Square Stitch, Roumanian Stitch, or even Chiara Stitch

Back Stitch aka Point de Sable

Cable Stitch aka Side to Side Stem Stitch

Turkey Stitch is usually worked in multiple rows. Although the loops can be worked to any length desired, try to keep the loops evenly sized. The loops are often cut. When stitched with yarn the cut loops can be brushed out and made to look furry.

This Turkey Stitch Variation is more complicated. It is more dense and the non-looped stitches make a pretty finished edge.

Stem Stitch

The Outline Stitch is just like the stem stitch but the thread stays to the opposite side of the needle. I think the differentiation is the height of pedanticism. *smile*

Split Stitch is one of the few stitches where you actually want to pierce the thread. This is a great stitch for embroidering a signature using yarn.

Chain Stitch Compare this with the Lazy Daisy stitch and finish the chain off as you would with the Lazy Daisy.

The Couching Stitch is a nice way to use a fancy yarn or ribbon which is too coarse to go through the fabric. Lay the yarn on the fabric and tack over it. The stitches can be varied by placing them closer together or farther apart.

The Couching Stitch can also be varied by angling the stitches.

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