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Fan Mail -- Places to write.

After getting a request from a Womble Lover asking about where to write to Elisabeth Beresford, I of course turned to our expert, Frederick Harrison.
Frederick Harrison:

     " The last bit of correspondence I have from Elisabeth Beresford is dated November 5th 1986 and is on the stationary of her company Aurignoco (interesting double meaning - aurum is latin for gold) Limited Media Services (nice picture of Orinoco at the top) and gives the address as 4 St. Annes House, Alderney, Channel Islands.

     " This letter arrived on November 19, 1986 which marked the tenth anniversary of becoming a Womble fan. I was inspired to check out a long neglected single in our campus station record library after seeing a picture of Wellington with Paul & Linda McCartney at a British music awards show in a McCartney fan magazine the previous night. (Paul McCartney, speaking at a press reception in the movie "A Hard Days Night" said that he would love to keep Britain tidy... and the McCartneys later became vegetarians... is there a connection?) Needless to say November 19 1996 will require some sort of celebration...

     " Now if only I could find her other letter with the Womble story. She was kind enough to provide an address for an organization that might have more information on the Wombles:
Miss Dunn c/o Keep Britain Tidy Group,
Crown House, 9th Floor, Crown Lane, Morden, Surrey, England.

[Information about the Chris Spedding fanzine is on the discogaphy page.]

Keep On Wombling
Frederick Harrison
I recently (July 1997) recieved confirmation of Ms Beresford's address from Paul Southcott. He wrote to let me know he had been speaking to her just that afternoon. :) According to Paul, the company name Aurignoco is related to Aurugny, the French name for Alderney. Paul also added that "Several short Womble stories have appeared in local magazines over the last few years. The Wombles appear to have moved to Alderney, and are now led by Great Uncle Aurigny."
If you have other or more recent addresses for fan mail or fan clubs, please don't hesitate to add them.

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