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The Wombles were hitting the top ten charts back in the 1970's and made quite a few albums.

Thanks to Frederick Harrison for doing 99.9% of the discography.
(Frederick's personal comments are indicated by 'FH:' but a greater part of the discography information was researched by him as well.)

Additional information and corrections are always welcome. I try to put everything I know somewhere on this site, so if you don't see it, I probably don't know about it.

If you are a fan of The Wombles band, be sure to stop by Mike Batt's Official Website

UK Albums

Wombling Songs

(1973) CBS 65803 w/lyric sheet
  1. The Wombling Song (TV version)
    [According to PW This really is the TV theme but that on the TV show the theme fades out halfway through before the second verse.]
  2. Wombles Everywhere
  3. Exercise Is Good For You (Laziness Is Not)
  4. The Womble's Warning
  5. Tobermory
  6. Dreaming In The Sun (Orinoco's Song)
  7. Madame Cholet
  8. Great Uncle Bulgaria's March
  9. Wellington Womble
  10. Bungo's Birthday
  11. Wombling Along (link piece)
  12. The Wombling Song (Full Version) [hit single version]
FH: "Their debut. Cute, and likable, but sometimes twee. A true children's record."
FH: "For interest's sake, the cover to "Wombling Songs" shows all of Ivor Wood's Womble puppets gathered outside the burrow playing homemade instruments (Bungo's playing a guitar made out of a tennis racket, Tobermory's banging on a tin pot, Tomsk is playing a car horn, Orinoco is cranking a player piano, Wellington has constructed a set of tubular bells out of tin cans, and Bulgaria is conducting. Madame Cholet seems to be just watching). "Remember You're a Womble" shows five people dressed in the promotional Womble suits arranged in a "chorus line" doing the kicks while holding their instruments (these are Tomsk on guitar, Orinoco on saxophone, Madame Cholet on mandolin, Bungo and Bulgaria (both without instruments)."

Remember You're A Womble

(1974) CBS 80191 w/lyric sheet
  1. Remember You're A Womble
  2. Minuetto Allegretto
  3. Non-Stop Wombling Summer Party
  4. Wombling In The Rain
  5. Womble Burrow Boogie
  6. Wellington Goes To Waterloo
  7. The Return Of Cousin Yellowstone
  8. The Womble Square Dance
  9. Wimbledon Sunset [instrumental]
  10. Banana Rock
FH: "Right from the opening drum beats, this has more of a pop/rock feel. Mike Batt manages to write successfully in a wide variety of music styles."

Keep on Wombling

(1974) CBS 80526 w/lyric sheet
    Side One
    Orinoco's Dream (Fantasies of a Sleeping Womble)
  1. Womble of the Universe (Mike Batt)
  2. The Orinoco Kid (Mike Batt)
  3. The Jungle is Jumping (Mike Batt)
  4. Underground Overture (Mike Batt)
  5. Hall of the Mountain Womble (Grieg-- Arr. Mike Batt)
    FH: "(actually Grieg's Hall Of The Mountain King with the Wombling Song theme intertwined)"
  6. Look out for the Giant (Mike Batt)
    Side Two
  1. The Wombling Twist
  2. Tobermory's Music Machine
  3. Wipe Those Womble Tears from Your Eyes
  4. Invitation to the Ping-Pong Ball
  5. Wombling Merry Christmas
--(Mike Batt)--
[A friend loaned me this cassette. The cover is illustrated with, Orinoco holding a sitar, (The costume is based on Ivor Wood's puppets. Like the costumes they wore when they performed "Live" on television. According to P.W., they were frequent guests on the BBC's "Top of the Pops", a similar show to the USA's "American Bandstand".) and a circle of 9 illustrated Wombles.]
FH: "Their "Revolver" (see the Beatles). Great fun and great music and a "concept album" to boot!"


(1975) CBS 80997 gatefold cover with lyrics
  1. The Womble Shuffle
  2. The Myths And Legends Of King Merton Womble And His Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
  3. Down At The Barber Shop
  4. The Empty Tidy-Bag Blues
  5. Wombling White Tie And Tails
  6. SuperWomble
  7. Miss Adelaide
  8. Wombles On Parade
  9. To Wimbledon With Love
  10. Nashville Wombles
FH: "Mike was starting to run out of ideas and had other duties to take care of (producing Steeleye Span's "All Around My Hat" album). Some quick by-the-numbers song pastiches and more than a few songs up to the usual standard."

Womble Stories

(1976) BBC REC 253
  1. The MacWomble's Pipe Band
  2. The Snow Womble
  3. Tomsk And The Tired Tree
  4. Orinoco Runs Away
  5. Wellington And The Blue Balloon
  6. Madame Cholet's Picnic Party
FH: "Bernard Cribbins reads six Womble stories, which were also available as Little Womble picture/story books by Ernst Benn. No music."

Wombling Free (soundtrack)

(1978) CBS 70155
  1. The Wombling Song (film version from end titles)
  2. The Creation Of The World (instrumental)
  3. Edinburgh Rock (rocking instrumental)
  4. Introduction From Minuetto Allegretto (Mozart's "Jupiter" Symphony)
  5. Introduction To The Womble Burrow (instrumental)
  6. Wombling White Tie And Tails (film version)
  7. Under The Hills And Far Away (folksy instrumental)
  8. Madame Cholet (film version)
  9. Mr. Roland Frogmorton's Music (instrumental)
  10. Miss Felicity Kim Frogmorton's Music (instrumental)
  11. Frogmorton's Theme (instrumental)
  12. The March Of The Machines
  13. Exercise Is Good For You (film version)
  14. The Underground Garden (instrumental)
  15. Countdown And Lift Off (instrumental)
  16. Womble Of The Universe (remixed! - not in movie)
  17. God Save The Queen (instrumental)
FH: "Basically the incidental movie soundtrack music with a few new versions of songs. Two new tracks of interest, both instrumentals."

Albums Released outside UK

Remember You're A Womble

(1974) Columbia KC 33140 w/lyric sheet
  1. Wombling Summer Party
  2. Wimbledon Sunset
  3. The Wombling Song (Full Version)
  4. Remember You're A Womble
  5. Exercise Is Good For You
  6. Dreaming In The Sun
  7. Banana Rock
  8. Wellington Womble
  9. Minuetto Allegretto
  10. The Womble Square Dance
  11. The Return Of Cousin Yellowstone
FH: "Their sole North American album, given a warm two star rating in the first edition of the Rolling Stone Record Guide (by Dave Marsh, no less!) Sales aided by mid chart placing (#55) of Beach Boys sound alike single "Wombling Summer Party" in August 1974 and frequent guest appearances on Captain Kangaroo, the popular US children's TV show (on CBS Network). The version of "Wombling Summer Party" that is on this album and was released as a single differs from the version on the UK album - on the original version the song stopped (like in the Beach Boy's live version of "Barbara Ann") midway through the record, before starting again. On the US release, the stoppage has been edited out."

UK Singles

The Wombling Song/ Wombles Everywhere

(Jan. 1974) CBS 1794

Remember You're A Womble/ Bungo's Birthday

(April 1974) CBS 2241

Banana Rock/ The Womble Square Dance

(June 1974) CBS 2465

Minuetto Allegretto/ Womble Burrow Boogie

(Oct. 1974) CBS 2710
FH: "The single version of the song was an edit of the album version - in fact thirty odd seconds shorter. The single version doesn't repeat the first verse as does the album version."

Wombling Merry Christmas/ Madame Cholet

(Dec. 1974) CBS 2842

Wombling White Tie & Tails/ The Wombling Twist

(May 1975) CBS 3266

Super Womble/ The Orinoco Kid

(Aug. 1975) CBS 3480

Let's Womble To The Party Tonight/ Down At The Barbershop

(Dec. 1975) CBS 3794
FH: "(not on their regular albums, but on the compilations as it was their last hit.)"

The Womble Shuffle/ To Wimbledon With Love

(1975?, spring 1976 more likely due to lyric) CBS 4049

Wombling Merry Christmas/ Let's Womble To The Party Tonight

(Dec. 1975?; also Dec. 1983) (Reissue) CBS A4084

Rainmaker (credited to Wellington Womble!)/ Wombling In The Rain

(Sep. 1976) CBS 4604
FH: "(by Wellington Womble - billed as a "solo" record to announce the "split" of the band over musical differences, etc. Not on any LP.)"
FH: "All of these were released in plain dust jackets in the UK, however German pressings came with picture bags/sleeves."

Remember You're A Womble/ Remember You're A Womble (Dance mix)

(March 1998) (Reissue) Columbia CD 665620 2
FH: "And as for chart history for the reissue of "Remember You're A Womble" it appears to have been as follows: #33, #17, [#15], #27, #45. I've yet to get a sequence of NME charts to confirm it."

The Wombling Song/ The Orinoco Kid

Sony CD 666041 2
FH: "The cover is an enlarged portion of the photo of Orinoco with tuba from the back of the CD compilation. Inside is a different shot of the "band" on stage. No bonus remix this time around (whew!), but it would have been nice to have had the original TV theme and the remake for the new series as both of these are as yet unreleased on disc. There's also a mail-back card for more information on the Wombles care of this address:
The Wombles
Trinity Street
Freepost CV744
3 Alveston Place
Leamington Spa
CV32 4BR
FH (cont.): "They ask only your name, address, postal code, sex and age (21+ is one of their categories!) I mailed them a letter with IRC over a month ago, enclosing a copy of the card, but I've heard nothing back yet. Perhaps they mail only to responses within the UK... Oh yes - the latest chart from the UK shows this single debuting at an impressive #27 in the CIN chart! Will it make the Top 10? Top 5?"
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Singles Released outside UK

Wombling Song/ Remember Your A Womble

(?? 1974) (Not sure in what country this was released) EMI Records FP10047

Wombling Song/ Wombles Everywhere

(June 1974) (Canada only!) Epic 5-11119

Wombling Summer Party/ Wimbledon Sunset

(Aug. 1974) Columbia 3-10013

Wombling Summer Party/Remember You're A Womble

(1974 "white label" radio station copy 45rpm) Columbia 3-10013 (JZSS 159809)/ 3-10033 (ZSS 159899)
Billy G. Spradlin: "The interesting thing about the USA version of 'Wombling Summer Party' is that that short section of the song where the music 'drops out' (at 2:36) has been edited out and the song is shorter at 3:18. I guess Columbia USA thought this would be very distracting to Radio DJ's."

Remember You're A Womble/ Wellington Womble

(Sep. 1974?) Columbia 3-10033
FH: "Both "Wombling Summer Party" and "Remember You're A Womble" came with picture bags/sleeves, although the same picture (a shot from the "Remember You're A Womble" cover photo sessions) is used on both. There was also a promotional insert for Canada comprising a photograph of the Wombles at an airport, backed with the following text:
The Wombles.
England's current T.V. sensation
Invades Canada
(courtesy of Columbia Records)
Warning! These creatures
need air time to survive.
This came with the "Wombling Summer Party" single, which is an edit of the UK album track."

Wombling USA

FH: "This was a single made for the USA market that was never released! I suppose we'll have to wait for the Wombles Anthology series."
FH: "All the Wombles albums were deleted in 1979."

Die Wombles sind im kommen/ Die Wombles sind im kommen (instrumental)

(1974) CBS
The German Text was by Michael Kunze


The Wombles

(1974) CBS 66323
(Boxed set of three albums : Wombling Songs, Keep on Wombling, and Remeber You're a Womble. Does not includ the original covers or lyric sheets, but with a poster, lyric sheet/colouring book and badge/button!)

Best Of The Wombles

(1976) CBS 10001 (also on Warwick)
  1. Remember You're A Womble
  2. Wombling White Tie & Tails
  3. The Wombling Song
  4. Invitation To The Ping Pong Ball
  5. The Orinoco Kid
  6. Wombling In The Rain
  7. Miss Adelaide
  8. Hall Of The Mountain Womble
  9. The Womble Shuffle
  10. Minuetto Allegretto
  11. Let's Womble To The Party Tonight
  12. Wombling Merry Christmas
  13. Wipe Those Womble Tears From Your Eyes
  14. Down At The Barber Shop
  15. Tobermory's Music Machine
  16. Wellington Goes To Waterloo
  17. Non-Stop Wombling Summer Party
  18. Banana Rock
  19. Womble Of The Universe
  20. SuperWomble
FH: "20 tracks!"

The Wombles Christmas Party

(1978?) Pickwick SHM 977
  1. Wombling Merry Christmas
  2. The Wombling Twist
  3. Remember You're A Womble
  4. Dreaming In The Sun (Orinoco's Song)
  5. Womble Square Dance
  6. The Wombling Song
  7. Minuetto Allegretto
  8. Banana Rock
  9. Wombling White Tie And Tails
  10. Great Uncle Bulgaria's March
  11. Down At The Barber Shop (Singing In Harmony)
  12. SuperWomble
FH: "Most of the UK chart hits. Nice cover drawing."

The Wombles Christmas Album

(1983) CBS 25805
  1. Wombling Merry Christmas
  2. Wombling White Tie And Tails
  3. Remember You're A Womble
  4. Invitation To The Ping-Pong Ball
  5. The Wombling Song
  6. Minuetto Allegretto
  7. The Orinoco Kid
  8. To Wimbledon With Love
  9. Underground Overture
  10. Banana Rock
  11. Wombles On Parade
  12. The Wombling Twist
  13. SuperWomble
  14. Let's Womble To The Party
FH: "All their UK chart hits."

The Womble's Greatest Hits

(Released Dec. 1989, deleted Aug. 1990) CBS 466 118 1 (LP), CBS 466 118 2 (CD), CBS 466 118 4 (Cass.), & Warwick PR 5022
  1. The Wombling Song
  2. Remember You're A Womble
  3. Wombling White Tie & Tails
  4. Hall Of The Mountain Womble
  5. Minuetto Allegretto
  6. Let's Womble To The Party Tonight
  7. Wombling Merry Christmas
  8. The Orinoco Kid
  9. SuperWomble
  10. Banana Rock (? - not listed in the guide I consulted, but likely on it)
FH: "Ten tracks, if I recall correctly, at a budget price. Also released on CD but I've never found one and tried to order it several times in vain. Now deleted, like all the rest of their records.
There were also two tracks on a 70's compilation on one of the budget labels.
I also recall seeing an 8 track of the Wombles Greatest Hits."

Underground, Overground -- The Ultimate Wombles Collection

(Released 1997) UK Reader's Digest RDCD 2181-2 (CD), & UK Reader's Digest (Cass.)
Produced, arranged and conducted by Mike Batt
Wombles characters copyright FilmFair/ElisabethBeresford
Original Womble puppet designs by Ivor Woods for FilmFair
Womble costumes by Granny Elaine Batt
Lead and backing vocals sung by Mike Batt
All Tracks published by Batt Songs Ltd/EMI Copyright Holdings Ltd
  1. The Wombling Song
  2. Remember You're a Womble
  3. Wombling White Tie and Tails (Foxtrot)
  4. The Orinoco Kid
  5. Invitation to the Ping Pong Ball
  6. Tobermory's Music Machine
  7. Wombles on Parade
  8. Down at the Barber Shop (Singing in Harmony
  9. The Empty Tidy Bag Blues
  10. Wellington Goes to Waterloo
  11. Nashville Wombles
  12. Wombing in the Rain
  13. Non-Stop Wombling Summer Party
  14. Underground Overture
  15. The Jungle is Jumping
  16. Hall of the Mountain Womble
  17. Banana Rock
  18. Womble of the Universe
    CD 2
  1. Superwomble
  2. The Myths and Legends of King Merton Womble and His Journey to the Center of the Earth
  3. The Wombling Twist
  4. Madame Cholet
  5. Minuetto Allegretto
  6. Miss Adelaide (She's Got a Lot of Knowledge)
  7. Exercise Is Good for You (Laziness Is Not)
  8. Let's Womble to the Party Tonight
  9. To Wimbledon with Love
  10. Rainmaker
  11. Wimbledon Sunset (Interlude)
  12. The Wombles' Warning
  13. The Womble Square Dance
  14. The Womble Shuffle
  15. Look Out for the Giant
  16. Wipe Those Womble Tears from Your Eyes
  17. Wombling Merry Christmas
Underground, Overground -- The Ultimate Wombles Collection is released by the UK Reader's Digest and is available on 2 cassettes (price: 16.95) or 2 CDs (price: 17.95) . Sadly, this offer "applies to the UK only. (They still had copies as recently as Feb. 23, 1999.)

The Best Wombles Album So Far Vol.1

(Released 1998) Columbia (CD) Sony Imports
    The tracks were not remixed other than digital mastering.
  1. The Wombling Song
  2. Remember You're A Womble
  3. Wombling White Tie & Tails
  4. The Orinoco Kid
  5. To Wimbledon With Love
  6. Wombles On Parade
  7. Down At The Barber Shop
  8. The Empty Tidy-Bag Blues
  9. Wellington Goes To Waterloo
  10. Nashville Wombles
  11. Invitation To The Ping Pong Ball
  12. Non Stop Wombling Summer Party
  13. Underground Overture
  14. The Myths And Legends Of King Merton Womble And His Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
  15. Hall Of The Mountain Womble
  16. Banana Rock
  17. Womble Of The Universe

    According to the liner notes the new Wombles Alderney, Stepney, Shansi, and Obidos have not yet auditioned for the group.
  • Orinoco - vocals/sax
  • Wellington - lead guitar
  • Madame Cholet - bass guitar (er... what happened to Tomsk?)
  • Great Uncle Bulgaria - violin
  • Bungo - drums
  • Tomsk - roadie
  • Tobermory - "only rarely appears" (likely scrounging old radio sets for suitable electrical hardware for the band)

    The Wombles also received human help as follows:
  • Clem Cattini - drums
  • Ray Cooper - percussion
  • Chris Spedding - guitars
  • Les Hurdle - bass guitar
  • Rex Morris and Eddie Mordue - sax solos
  • Jack Rothstein - solo violin and orchestra leader
  • Mike Batt - keyboards, lead and backing vocals
  • London Symphony Orchestra - on Myths & Legends
FH: "The booklet takes bits and pieces of the liner notes from the Reader's Digest set and adds a few new tidbits of information, along with some great pictures. There's a centre spread of the "band" on stage, the tray liner is a ready-to-scan "W" logo, there's a nice shot of Orinoco with a tuba on the back cover, and the front cover is almost the same as the other set.
"Much the same as Disc One of "Underground Overground" except for the following changes:
To Wimbledon With Love is included at the expense of Tobermory's Music Machine.
Wombling In The Rain is excluded.
Invitation To The Ping Pong Ball is moved earlier in the program.
The Myths And Legends... is included at the expense of The Jungle Is Jumping.
"So I suspect Volume Two will have 18 tracks in similar order to Disc Two of "Underground Overground".
"The current Q magazine reviews the album, giving it three out of a possible five stars. They even show a still from the new TV series."
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Albums related to the Wombles

Bubblegum Classics Vol.3

(Released 1996?) VSD 5719 (Varese Sarabande Records)
New compilation CD. Being released on CD ONLY.
FH: "...features "Remember You're A Womble" by the Wombles as one of the tracks (other artists include the Ohio Express, Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution, Banana Splits, Tommy James & The Shondells). Varese are noted for their soundtrack releases and sound quality so it is hoped that a proper digital mastering has been made. As Mike Batt has scored several films, it is hoped that this marks the start of an association with Varese Sarabande which will hopefully see more of the Wombles song catalogue reissued along with some of Mike's more "serious" music!"
I found a complete track listing:
1. Sugar Sugar - The Archies
2. We Can Fly - The Cowsills
3. Mirage - Tommy James & The Shondells
4. Sha-La Love You - Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution
5. Sugar On Sunday - The Clique
6. I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You) - The Banana Splits
7. Every Little Move She Makes - Tony Burrows
8. Little Woman - Bobby Sherman
9. Wham! Bam! Ala Cazam - The Tricks
10. Lay A Little Lovin' On Me - Robin McNamara
11. Finders Keepers - Salt Water Taffy
12. Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You, A - The Monkees
13. Amarillo, (Is This The Way To) - Tony Burrows
14. Chewy, Chewy - Ohio Express
15. Ricky Ticky Ta Ta Ta - Austin Roberts
16. Elephant Candy - The Fun & Games
17. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Mac And Katy Kissoon
18. Jack And Jill - Tommy Roe
19. Dong-Dong-Diki-Di-Ki-Dong - Kasenetz-Katz Super Cirkus
20. Baby, You Come Rollin' Across My Mind - The Peppermint Trolley Company
21. Remember You're A Womble - The Wombles
22. Little Willy - Sweet
Billy G. Spradlin: "The sound quality of "Remember Your A Womble" is fine with little hiss or noise. There's also very interesting liner notes about the song too:
"When Mike Batt was first hired to write the them for the live-action British Children's show THE WOMBLES, he waived the flat fee offered and instead wrangled the music rights for the cuddly, ecologically minded creatures. To immerse himself in character, he even asked his mother to make him a Womble suit, which he wore for a entire week. The result was Britain's top singles act of 1974. Over the course of eight singles (none charting lower than #34) and five best-selling albums(!), Batt deftly navigated his fictitious charges through every musical genre imaginable, writing, producing, and singing all the vocals himself. An aborted attempt to launch the British Phenomenon stateside for the 1974 Fall season resulted in the The Wombles sole American chart appearance-- "Wombling Summer Party", a spot-on Beach Boys homage, wombled its way to #55 in August. Their only other US singles was the unofficial theme from the American version of their television series, "REMEMBER YOU'RE A WOMBLE" which had made #3 in the UK charts the previous spring."
"There's also a small picture of a promotional button saying "Remember You're a Womble - 66WNBC" (a New York AM Top 40 radio station in the 1970's) in the liner notes."

The Rutles

FH: "While being a parody of the Beatles, the drummer of this band was called Barry Wom - short for Barrington Womble. Near the end of their parody of "All You Need Is Love" ["Love Life"] one hears a few bars of "Let's Womble To The Party Tonight". Their parody of "Penny Lane" ["Doubleback Alley"] also borrows a bit of the arrangement from the TV version of the "Wombling Song"."

GRIMMS - The Womble Bashers Of Walthamstow.

FH: "An anti-Womble record done, not surprisingly, in the style of an early Wombles record. Not nice, but more palatable than Michael de Larrabaiti's book "The Borribles" which has the Wombles slaughtered off one by one by a gang of anti-heroes who will remain kids all their life as long as they don't get their ears clipped."

Eccles & Bluebottle - Remember You're A Womble. (The B side was "Die Wombles Sind In Kommen")

(March 1976) WEA K14422
FH: "A UK single, by the Goons (Peter Sellers & Spike Milligan)."
FH: "It came with a picture sleeve of two sketches - each did a sketch of the other's character. Nothing remotely Womblish about the cover, title aside. The record is two silly parodies of the intentionally silly song we all know and love. Side one has a basic cover of the song with Eccles (Sellers) taking the lead vocal and Bluebottle (Milligan) replying and adding comments ad lib. These characters will be familiar to anyone who was a fan of the Goons; anyone else will wonder what is the point of doing the song in voices more silly than the original. Side two is more interesting and more in line with Sellers' beloved parodies of Beatle songs ("She Loves You", "A Hard Days Night", "Help"). It begins with an impersonation of Winston Churchill (Milligan) reciting those memorable lyrics of Mike Batt's, followed by a reply in German from a Hilter impersonator (Sellers). The lyrics used in the second half are those of the German version of "Remember You're A Womble" and it gives part of the songwriting credit to Michael Kunze who obviously did the translation. (Question: Does a German version single exist? I've seen video from a German TV pop show where the Wombles perform the song in English and then reprise it in German! And how would Sellers and Milligan have found out about it... )"

Kinks - Prince Of The Punks (B side of "Father Christmas" single)

FH: "A put-down of Chris Spedding and Tom Robinson, two older rockers who were accused of cashing in on the punk/new wave scene in the UK. The final chorus is arranged in Womble style voices and harmonies to refer to Spedding's involvement with the Wombles."

Bullet More Musical Interest

Chris Spedding fanzine - Guitar Graffiti

[I recieved mail from F.H. about this magazine. Recently Toshiaki Nomura saw this site and added some corrections.]
Chris Spedding was one of the guitarists in the Wombles. GG Issue 13 is devoted to Mike Batt and the Wombles, highlighting Spedding's work with them.
FH: "It provides a discography along with photos of album covers and picture sleeves (West Germany seemed to release every Womble single in a picture sleeve!). The Italian release of "Remember You're A Womble" included two bonus tracks: "The Wombling Song" and an *Italian* version of "Remember You're A Womble"! Good luck trying to find a copy! The fanzine is a handmade affair, run off on a photocopier so the photos aren't in the best quality, and the English is a little shaky at times, but it includes excerpts from some of the UK music magazines about the Wombles and Mike Batt."
FH: "I met with Toshiaki [...] when he visited Toronto on vacation/buying trip and we compared notes on Chris Spedding (I had a live tape he didn't have, and he presented me with a gift of a bottle of saki, plus a live video of Chris Spedding.)"
Write to Toshiaki Nomura, 3-9 Nakadono-cho, Nishinomiya, 662, JAPAN. The cost is US$3 per issue plus US$2 for shipping from Japan. You can also email Toshiaki at
Frederick also points out that this is realy aimed at fans of the records and those who are only acquainted with the books might not find it as interesting.
Please note the corrections to price and that the article with Mike Batt is Issue #13 instead of #7.
Toshiaki Nomura
"Hello and Greeting from Japan I found out your Wombles homepage recently and got surprised!!! Frederick mentions about me!!! Yes, I met him in Toronto on Sept.30. It was enjoyable but we couldn't communicate much, because I can't understand English well (my English is so shaky and poor) and he can't speak Japanese well!!! But it was very good to see him."
"I am going to make Chris' homepage in the near future if he allows me to do so."

News Item from

      October 13, 1998
      "OASIS have prevented The Wombles from releasing an album called 'Whats The Story? (Tobermory)'. Wombles Creator Mike Batt said, 'Noel said he thought The Wombles were cool but he didn't want anyone nicking his title'.
      "Two years ago, Oasis vetoed The Smurfs from covering any of thier songs. And Oasis' spokesman told NME: 'I'm not surprised that Noel said this, even though the Wombles are cooler than The Smurfs.' Noel Gallagher is currently working on new Oasis tracks at a secret UK location."

'Glastonbury' mentioned a radio station in Australia that plays Wombles songs.

"The local FM University station here (RTRFM) sets aside a little time every few Fridays to remember the Wombles by playing a tune from the box-set of the first three LPs. People can ring up and vote for their favourite Womble, and depending on who gets voted for, a different song is played to do with that Womble. (For instance, this week Orinoco came out on top and so they opened the show with 'The Orinoco Kid'.. I persuaded them to play 'Tobermory's Music Machine' to finish the show, ) However the person organising that is leaving to go back to the UK soon, so that'll stop in a little while. *sigh* Oh well... life goes on."

Queen Mother's Birthday Parade

Mike Batt marched in the Queen Mother's Birthday Parade with a lot of Wombles in uniform on July 19, 2000.

Release Rumors

JC:In 1998 there were rumors of a smash of new recording mixes 
and re-releases of Wombles albums on CD. These include:
Remember You're a Womble -- re-release and re-mix on CD single (March 1998)
Wombling Song -- re-release and re-mix on CD single (? 1998)
Wombling with Tie and Tails -- re-release on CD single (was planned, not sure if it was released.)
The Best Womble Album So Far - Vol 1 -- Compilation CD album (March 1998?)
The Best Womble Album So Far - Vol 2 -- Compilation CD album (Was scheduled for release in Nov 1998 but release was delayed.  I have no new news as to when it will be released.)
Also a remix album, with 1998 versions of the Womble hits, may be out from Columbia.
Another rumor is a possible 50 date Wombles reunion tour.


A couple requests came in (fall of '99) asking about Peter Felstead. It seems there was a quiz going on somewhere that was asking 'Which Womble was played by Peter Felstead on Top of the Pops in 1974?' I've been asking around but still never found the answer. I don't think it was Orinoco (Mike Batt) or Great Uncle Bulgaria (Steve Lyman-Dixon) or Wellington (Chris Spedding).
The only other information I've been able to gather about Felstead is that he was a manager for 'Lush'.

If you know any information about who played which Wombles and when please let me know. I believe some of the Wombles were played by different people at different times so your information source would also be valuable information.

Paul Stannard wrote to say that, Steve Gardener played drums for The Wombles. He was also the drummer in one of the early "Cockney rebel" line ups, as well as getting onto a couple of Ozzie Osbourne albums as a session drummer.

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