Johanna's Needle Stitches

Dense Filling Stitches

Satin Stitch

Satin Cushion Stitch

Parisian Stitch

Ray Stitch

The Tent Stitch is usually worked diagonally. Sometimes refered to as Basketweave Tent Stitch.

However the Tent Stitch can also be worked horizontally. Sometimes called Continental Tent Stitch.

The Tent Stitch can also be worked vertically.

Chequer Stitch is alternating blocks of diagonal Satin Stitch and Tent Stitch.

Scotch Stitch worked horizontally. Look at the Mosaic and Cashmere stitches to get an idea of how to work this stitch diagonally or to stitch the condensed version.

Mosaic Stitch can be filled in either horizontally...

or theMosaic Stitch can be filled in diagonally.

Condensed Mosaic Stitch

Cashmere Stitch is sort of a squished Scotch Stitch.

Cashmere Stitch

Condensed Cashmere Stitch

Kelim Stitch

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