Johanna's Needle Stitches

Interweaving Stitches

Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch

Double Herringbone Stitch

Plait Stitch

Long Armed Cross Stitch
Notice that the Herringbone, the Plait stitch and this Long Armed Cross Stitch are really the same stitch. Experimenting with different lengths and over different numbers of threads can be fun and offers a great variety of possibilities.

Long Armed Cross Stitch
To me this version of the Long Armed Cross Stitch looks fairly akward, in comparison with the one above. I suppose it depends whether you want the stitches on the back to run horizontal or vertical.

Double Back Stitch aka Closed Herringbone Stitch
Again, notice the pronounced (should I say identical?) similarity with the Long Armed Cross Stitch.

Alternating Double Back Stitch

Montenegrin Stitch

Montenegrin Stitch

Montenegrin Stitch
While the first two are stitched differently the result is the same. However, the third variation result is noticibly different. The longest stitch does not form a weave with the others but lays beneath all stitches. (I think the first two variants are more interesting.)

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