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Wombles on the web.

Robert Madsen has created the first German Womble site.

'Stintfang' a native German Womble is your guide.

The Mike Batt Official Website
This site is produced by Mike Batt himself. It includes stories about his involvement with past projects ('The Wombles', 'Watership Down', 'Phantom of the Opera', to name a few), as well as some of his future and current projects ('The Garden of Kama' and a story he is writing 'SLUGS'.)

NEW The Chris Spedding Guitar Graffiti
Chris was Wellington in the band and this is his official web site.

Simon Kimber

"Check out my new interactive adventure game 'Escape From The Wombles Of Hell'! Just go to FUNNY: The Comedy Web Directory at and you'll find it in the 'Fun & Games' section"

Ben Goldsmith

Has started his own Womble site at

House of Tartan

This site has clan tartans and comercialy licenced tartans. Check the W's. There are four listings for Womble, one for Wombles International The Wombles Int'l tartan is the tartan that Great Uncle Bulgaria and the MacWomble wear - it is a copyright pattern and can only be purchased on official merchandise.

Bullet Lamington Womble and his friend Kwert have created a fun flash video about Wombles.
Lamington Womble wrote to say "Hullo. My mate Kwert's been up to his old tricks again and he's been drawing. That and he's also been drawing Wombles. That and he's also seen fit to put me in a flash presentation about Wombles; If you want to have a squiz and you've got the flash plug-in installed, set your controls for the heart of: oh and he's taken a nice photo of me and put it up at: There's some other Womble pictures you'll find (including another one of me, one that you'll see in the flash presentation) but a bit of the other art on the site is a bit seedy and for over 18's only. Strange place to find Wombles, you might say, but he's promised not to do anything overly seedy with us Wombles which is something of a small blessing.
Anyway, hope you like the presentation.
your friend, Lamington the psychedelic pagan trickster Womble"

Bullet Free email address from

I don't know much about this site except that Lamington wrote in to say you could get a free email addess with Perhaps there will be some actual Womble content there in the future.

Bullet Wombling is free on the Web.

The London Times had an interesting article interview with Mike Batt in April 1998. And it mentioned the Womble Lovers site.

Stardust: The Wombles

Another Wombles fan. Lots of pics plus an album review.


There's some info here about the new series.


There's some info here about the new series.

Evolver: Music

There's some info here about the Wombles band. This site is in German, however.

Midi Farm

Three Womble midi files.

Education and Care for Children (ECC) Ltd

"The ECC directory covers every possible aspect of meeting a child's needs, from information about activity holidays through to zoos, from advice on coping with new-born babies through to guidance on choices in education."

John Gathercole

This is not a link to his site but he submitted a couple of MS Word documents describing some game titles he dreamed up. If you are a gamer, familiar with games like Magic the Gathering and AD&D, the humor may appeal to you.
"Although I do tend to take a few liberties with the concept, I do have a strong fondness for those little furry things; I wouldn't do it otherwise. However, this doesn't stop me having a good giggle over the Borrible books by Michael De Larrabeiti (oh dear...)."
You can download White Wizards III.docand WWOTLTSW1997.doc
If you enjoy them why not drop John an email and let him know?

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