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MUD (Multi User Dungeon) Sightings or How to play with Wombles

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Other MUD sightings
     --Furry Muck

Discworld MUD Womble sightings.

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Other MUD Womble sightings.

Furry Muck

Want to play somewhere where you can actually BE a Womble? Try Furry Muck.
Shannon Dugas
"I have recently become a Womble nut thanks to a friend that introduced them to me on the MU* I frequent. The name of it is FurryMUCK. And there are two Wombles there that I know of.

"From the little I know about Wombles. I know that more are needed on FM. But hey, cant have everything you want can you?"

The FurryMUCK Home Page


Martin Hanna
"I was reading your Wombles web page and I notice a bit about MUDs. Well, we have a MUD that has a Wombles quest. Our MUD is TerraFirmA and its [telnet] address is 2222 The quest was written by Cyn but if you ever log on ask someone to show you the Wombles quest."
Some game text is:

     You are standing in the Picnic Area.
      You are in an area of the common where families come to have their Sunday-afternoon picnics. The area is deserted but, judging by the piles of rubbish that the humans have left behind them, it has recently been very busy. The tables and benches are huge, bringing back lost memories of childhood when everything was large and out of reach.
      The saddest sight here is the large empty litter bin which stands like a tower amongst the sea of papers, empty cans and food wrappings. Why can't people just put their litter in the bins and not throw it onto the grass?
     It is raining.
     You see :
          Orinoco standing here.
          Wellington standing here.
     Obvious exits are :
          West : Common Path
          Up : Litter Bin
     You see nothing special.

     >examine orinoco
      He is the fattest (which is very fat indeed as all the Wombles have nice round figures) and the laziest Womble in the burrow. He quite often needs 'a little forty winks' before he can get his strength up to start work.
     You examine Orinoco's inventory.
          Holding :
               A collection of 18 credits.
          Wearing :
               <hat> <scarf>
          Carrying :

Here's a reference to "Bullet"

"The first major advance in these systems was Aberystwyth's Honeyboard, written by a bunch of hackers there using the B language on an old Honeywell running GCOS-3. This system later mutated into AberMUD. Bullet was originally designed to be a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) based upon well known British children's television programs such as "The Magic Roundabout" and "The Wombles" which would include a bulletin board in one of the rooms. It was decided to get the bulletin board system up and running first, then work on the rest of the system. This was the point at which I left the development, before the first line of code was written."
Telsa Gwynne
"I do, however, have bad news for you. Alas!

"Looking around the rest of your site I found a reference to Wombles on "Bullet", and a "If this exists as a MUD I would love to see it" remark. It's a bit more complicated than that.

"Bullet was a bulletin board with a talker which was intended to evolve into a MUD and didn't. There was another talker, however: the Honeyboard at Aberystwyth university, which did evolve into a MUD. That MUD was called AberMUD.

"AberMUD went through five different incarnations. The later ones were more unified and coherent, but the first version had a lot of silly things in them. I know quite a few of the authors through mutual friends, and although it certainly had many rooms and characters inspired by British cartoons, (Willo the Wisp, the Magic Roundabout, etc), to the best of my knowledge there were no Wombles. (The best of my knowledge translates as, "I asked my husband, who was one of the AberMUD authors, and he doesn't remember Wombles there.")

"Since it was written in B, AberMUD 1 doesn't run anywhere these days, and the records of all the mobiles (wandering monsters) don't seem to be about, but you can browse the room database and check for Womble-habitations at The AberMUD 1 History Site

"There was a different MUD around at the same time (late eighties) called MIST which had a Womble, though. MIST ran at Essex university, restricted from 2am to 7am in the weekdays and longer in the weekends, with a maximum of about thirty players at a time. So it was huge for its time. I didn't play it but I know a lot of people who did. I suspect you'll find that they all have happy memories of destroying the Womble. MIST was very violent, and when you ran out of players to kill, you started on the mobiles.

"I think that Steve, who wrote the Bullet history, is conflating AberMUD and MIST. Easy to do: they both had silly objects and rooms and they both involved a lot of hitting things.

"Still on the MUD theme, I used to play a MUSH which was set in London. One of the locations was Wimbledon Common. I and other players seriously considered putting a giant Womble statue there at one stage (MUSHes allow players to create objects) but we refrained because most players were American and would not have got the joke.

"I should admit that we were going to have a very dead Womble, too :)"

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