Wombles!!! -- Womble illus. by Johanna Cormier
Toby Allsopp's  Find Your Womble   Java program
Ever wondered which Womble you are really like? How about which Womble most resembles your sister, brother, best friend? Find out with this fun Java program.

This Java applet was created by Toby Allsopp. He's removed his web site but kindly sent this to us to share.

Just select the attributes that describe yourself, or someone else's self, and find out which Womble you, or someone else, is most like. Also, please be patient. If you have a slow connection, it may take some time to load the results.
You need a Java enabled Browser, such as Netscape 3.0 or better to see this cool applet.
You are welcome to take a look at the source code and/or upload this Java program to your own server.
Please remember to give Toby Allsopp the credit he deserves. If you make any improvements, please email one or both of us. I really don't know much about Java myself so I won't be making any changes on my own.

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