Johanna's Needle Stitches

Pulled Thread Stitches

Pulled Thread stitches are different from all others. In most embroidery you want to avoid pulling your floss so tight that it distorts or moves the canvas/fabric threads. In Pulled Thread work, however, it is the distortion of the canvas which you are trying to achieve. In fact often Pulled Thread work is done as white on white work and displayed with a contrasting fabric placed behind. It can be the holes created by the stitches more than the stitches themselves that are to be appreciated.

Algerian Eye Stitch

Eyelet Stitch

Round Eyelet Stitch

Diamond Eyelet Stitch

Another Diamond Eyelet Stitch with a diferent number of stitches and over a different number of threads but you can see how it's the same basic idea. So create your own eyelet stitches. :-)

Four Sided Stitch

Another way of doing Four Sided Stitch however, I don't really like this version as well.

Four Sided Stitch worked from right to left.

Three Sided Stitch

Mosaic Filling Stitch See how this is a combination of three stitches? You have a Hardanger Kloster block (I have not yet created any diagrams of cutwork stitches), but instead of cutting out the center you fill it with the Four Sided Stitch and a Cross Stitch.

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