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* Blanche Fisher Wright *

If you have any biographical information on B.F. Wright please email it to me. Bibliographical information also wanted.

Tarney (April 3, 2000) : She may have grown up, in or around Milwaukee, WI.

As you can see the information I have is sketchy at best.

Tarney (April 12, 2000) :

Was B.F. Wright also known as Milo Winter?

Eli Kaminsky (21 Jul 2000) : I have a copy of the very first printing of The Real Mother Goose published by Rand McNally in 1916. (It was given to me when I was a child long ago). If you look at the lower right-hand corner of the famous illustration on the cover you will see the initials "MW". Obviously those are the initials of Milo Winter, a famous illustrator of that period. The book itself does not give credit to any illustrator, neither Milo Winter nor Blanche Fisher Wright. There is no doubt that MW is the signature for Milo Winter because you will find the same initials on The Aesop for Children, published by Rand McNally in 1919, which does announce that Milo Winter is the illustrator. Milo Winter also did the same publisher's Illustrated Bible Story Old Testament in 1923. However when Rand McNally published Rimskittle's Book in 1926, the company used Ruth Caroline Eger as the illustrator.

Eli Kaminsky (21 Jul 2000) : This is a followup to my previous E-mail. It turns out that my copy of the Real Mother Goose is a 1928 printing, not 1916.
My wife, who was a university librarian, suggests that since women artists might have had a difficult time in the past, Blanche Fisher Wright might have used a pseudonym at first, and that possibly Milo Winter really is Wright.
I will try to track this down if I can.
Eli Kaminsky

Blanche Fisher signature on illustration for Sapolio ad.

George Morgan (27 Feb 2001) : I don't know very much except that I collect Sapolio items and came across this illustration from a 1910 magazine ad. Her signature was on it. Sapolio is a product which revolutionized the advertising world of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

  Sapolioa Ad illustrated by B. F. Wright

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